Custom app development doesn’t have to cost a fortune

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Premium service for a sensible price

Our team will help you build your app faster by using our revolutionary platform to its full potential

Superior design and performance

Our app development platform is built on top of React Native, supporting truly native iOS and Android interface and performance

Cost-effective development

By reusing many of our existing functionalities, called extensions, you will only pay for the development of additional features, saving both time and money

Effortless maintenance

Shoutem eliminates high monthly fees for servers, incorporates CMS, dashboard, push notifications, analytics, and iOS & Android updates

We don’t just work for you—we work with you

Handing over design and development to another company should never feel like you’re losing control
  • Understand your business goals

    We combine our knowledge and experience with yours to ensure we achieve your goals, working closely with you every step of the way

  • Dedicated team of experts

    Your project will be supported by great designers, senior developers and an experienced project manager

  • Transparent, real time communication

    We’re open to using any means necessary to achieve this goal. Each project is unique, and so is our approach

  • Results-oriented approach

    Most importantly, we care about your projects and we are result-driven, putting your business before our profits

Our process

We work with you from app definition, through design and development until delivery and success

Defining the right feature set

Discussing your app idea with you in full detail helps us start the project right. Tell us about the problems you want solved, features you require and deadlines you have in mind

Depending on your resources and budget, we can easily tweak the app requirements to better suit you and your project

Iterative, user-oriented design

We’ll start off with black and white wireframes, which will make further iterations less expensive. Based on your input, we’ll go on until we deliver a functional and stunning user interface

Smarter development and testing

Take full advantage of the Shoutem platform by reusing (and customizing) the ready-made features and focusing your development on your truly unique app features

Release and maintenance

We deliver high-quality Android and iOS apps. You won’t have to worry about maintenance either, since everything is included in your Shoutem subscription


We are proud to have helped these amazing ideas come to life with our custom app development service

Brides Wedding Genius

The go-to app for brides-to-be, helping them find designer wedding dresses, rings, venue vendors and special offers
  • Fully custom UX and UI design
  • Custom development of a number of features
  • App reuses existing Shoutem CMS for content management


Exclusive access to the finest medical care from board certified physicians at any time
  • Fully custom UX and UI design respecting brand guidelines
  • Custom development of the entire app
  • Connection to several 3rd party services

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